ONCE THERE WAS A MAN NAMED MURRAY CHOTINER  and he taught a young chincapin-eyed Candidate how to get elected all over a place and he told unto this guy with a dog for support here’s going to be the Rules, from now and on to any end of anything, are we clear he asked Mr. Nixon:

1.  No ideals and no ideas needed — and no holds barred, make it personal, no such thing as dirty mud you sling, just don’t get noticeably philosophical.

2.  For sure, don’t worry about what you promised in Cucamonga when you’re in Tennessee. Lie as much as you like, but more, too, if you do it eye-to-eye like you damned-well meant, and in-addition mean it.

3.  Then there’s Rule Three: get used to being bought year-round so you (“naturally”) have to hustle year-round for the best democracy money can buy, etc.; And by all means, stay ready to be bought for thousands by a Koch and by another Koch with billions to blow: be as cheap as you are, said Murray to Dick to rover Grover.  God help us all, and any god at all will do.

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  1. cpanucci says:

    I would like the Doctor to comment if he may on “the death of privacy” and what it might mean to our imperfect democracy. Accelerating into a world with sensors on everything and the collection of all data, a world that makes George’s 1984 with cameras in the televisions seem very inadequate compared with a tracking device in everyone’s pocket. With complete surveylance. from crib to the grave, decent has no enclave and is especially detested by the public and seen as a social dis-function. A child born in America today may not have any expectation of privacy, so what’s not known will not be missed. A more “on board” citizenry that polices itself would not even need to be lied to. Now that would be a democracy that ALEC could work with.

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