Dr. Guy Standard’s fiction explores the full range of the human condition. Much of his work is set in a fictional southern Colorado town called Pelón.

Blue Drifter: This novella takes place in Pelón. It tells of the life and death of one Billy (“Shakespeare”) Bocho Borrego who could’ve been a contender, but didn’t get out of Pelón in time. Blue Drifter is available in a paperback edition at the Bookshop Santa Cruz in Santa Cruz, California.


You can also buy Blue Drifter on the Bookshop Santa Cruz website:

Black Bart: The Gentleman: This novella is based on the true story of Black Bart, the gentleman outlaw who became famous in Northern California in the 1870s and 1880s for his daring stagecoach robberies. It is also available at the Bookshop Santa Cruz (both inside the actual store, and on their website).



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