A Doctor’s Diagnostic – Madness

MADNESS: Isn’t the situation (as Sartre operationally defined the term) — isn’t the situation rather more than a little mad? A fair, an eminently fair question. The worst as well as the best lack all conviction and the sheer intensity of the situation is of a crazed nature. And? And not a bloody one god-damned vetted psychologist willing to risk a word about it. No psychiatrist willing to come forward in mini-manner, much less get grand about it. Where is our Freud and Fromm to diagnose Mr. Gohmert’s case and at least leave a few comforting words with him before passing on to the cases that can actually be saved. Seriously, if no one by specialization licensed to deal with mind and its pathology, why then at very very least, mightn’t Senator Paul submit his wordings scientifically (i.e. tested against falsification) like a good family doctor examining one’s eyes that one might best see the bigger picture and what is wrong with it. Is that too much to hope? Hope. Is hope (as a true Spaniard once put it) — is hope to throw a shoe into a bird-cage and wait for it to sing? As the Fugs sang it, I sometimes wonder. Was Geo. Washington the lesser of two evils? Had enough? Welcome to the funny house.

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