INFLUENCE IS NO GOVERNMENT.  Consider the Supreme Court in this regard. The Court would rule — has ruled — that a corporation is a person. Put into occamistic terms, how did that all come about? An Amendment to the United States Constitution was proposed and then passed which held that Blacks are human. A headnote was written for this Amendment to give it some sort of title. This headnote was written up simply that the Amendment could be filed in some retrievable fashion, and as such had in and of itself no force of law. This headnote was then picked up and used in order to rule that an entity called a corporation is, and is to be considered at-law an individual person and therefore to be accorded all rights and privileges that go with being a citizen, including freedom of speech, to be interpreted to mean that the Supreme Court of the United States of America must consider one single Black man or woman, possibly innocent, sentenced to be executed in the state of Texas to be of equal weight according to law with what a raft of Walmart attorneys pleading First Amendment rights might as a single person submit to be considered. Consider the logic here: because a Black is human, therefore, please, Goldman Sachs is a single citizen, due all rights of a citizen. This is all of it mad on (exactly) the face of it, but it is what is held by the present United States Supreme Court, and so corporations may seek to influence government by openly (as well as in non-divulged ways) buying senators and representatives — if not the country’s executive office – as if they were all of them a bevy of whores.

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