GRANDFATHER KOCH: accused Eisenhower of being a communist dupe, but excused his son for showing Josip Djugashvili how to build and run an oil field and then fils came back to America and fathered two frisky boys, who currently pretty much have things by the short-hairs, all over. Maybe game’s over, maybe not —

THESIS: What is not sustainable is suicidal.

ARGUMENT: Charles and David Koch are old and shall have passed away. The great harm that they have done, and do, is due to worsen but that can have been of no satisfaction to the brothers — they will have succumbed to their age, and as my own father said more than once, when you’re dead you’re dead a long long time. What these brothers have done and do is not sustainable and is accordingly suicidal. One contemplates the imminent demise by suicide of Les Freres Koch with considerable equanimity, except that the way the whole Koch family has gone about things is killing me, as well; they have been startlingly publically murderously-engaged in a suicidal way right down the family-line; what they have been and do amounts to a continuous murder of reason and has made of them and makes of them and their like the most envenomedly plutocratically suicidal family in American and, indeed, global history, profoundly-abetted this time around by a country’s highest court having a go at defining the right to write that, which you just read.

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