REMORA? BLENNY, ANYONE? Okay, take blenny first if you want to, &, blenny is said to be an unpleasant, a decidedly un-pleasant fish. Promises in a wheedling way to rid a tongue of parasites and nips off and, variously, away with a mini-gobbet of gill. Nice fish, you say? The hell you do — you like it blenny-style. Okay, then you get to graduate to the intermediate class of the more remora-kind: go ahead, lose your head, don’t use your head when, clearly, you don’t have to, it’s all made of jello, anyway, brain, that is, brain’s like jello, strictly, as un-noticed as un-needed… like that remora attachment, do you see it?

I see — you’d rather be one of them frisky Koch boys instead of just any old run of an Adelson. Interesting, perhaps, and, perhaps not, it depends. Blenny-remora, remora-blenny, chips are down, ladies, and you men, you gents: Show-Time for that oceanic feeling… closing-time in the gardens of the west.

Or not: Maybe the figure I use (fish symbolizing the foul ones whose heads stink first of all) is a wrong figure, maybe it’s like a sty of pigs. Perhaps. Senator Hogshead, Congressman Cufflink, snouting out remaining pockets of truffles, swilling.

Maybe it’s more like that, a grunting and a squealing at a trough. Take yr pick, Fellow-Yank, free country, y’know that? What is a metaphor, anyway? What is not a figure of speech? Got etymologies. ?. Might one suggest a word, or two, is in-order? Requiring a privileged motion. That there be some language under-fucking-stood. “Influence is no government.” Who said that?

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