A Doctor’s Diagnostic (for Eugene V. Debs)

MR. GROVER NORQUIST is a pander, interestedly self-appointed to procure what is by purchase prostituted, which is influence of government. Influence is no government.

A GERRYMANDERED VOTE is said to occur when one has been encouraged to select the ugliest, least intelligent couple invited to a party to be married, after which one gets to take them home to be safely admired and luxuriantly supported only to learn they are of hateful disposition, not to be trusted around the silverware and given to wholesale lying straight to one’s face. They can be depended upon to cackle unceasingly to one’s children about God, family values and patriotism.

WAR is the ultimate luxury. Rulers of every political flavor apparently find war irresistibly addictive and speak of it as an art.

A DISHONEST POLITICIAN is a pleonasm. An honest politician is Senator Bernie Sanders.

THE TAIL WAGS the dog, yes, and it isn’t even the dog’s own tail.

IF ONLY, the poet keened, if only America had studied the classics—well, it troubled his sleep.

JEFFERSON: All education, all schooling must be free: an electorate, a democracy makes no sense otherwise.

MR. CRUZ of Texas is a sober Joseph McCarthy, hence, more disgusting even as (to stengel it) he is more dangerous.

MR. MCCONNELL is a good deal less pleasant-looking on the inside.

THE DRS. PAUL ought to ask themselves what a medical schooling would award them tested in diagnosis (that particularly) and intern-practice and onward. Father and son are quacks, graded in any competent way. And there are other doctors in the house, residing as flunkies.

WHAT, after all, must Mr. McCain think of Mr. Bush the younger? Will his memoirs be reminiscent of those of McNamara?

Is this America?

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1 Response to A Doctor’s Diagnostic (for Eugene V. Debs)

  1. carmelo panucci says:

    To influence your surroundings is part of the human condition isn’t it? I would suggest we take to Washington a new way of governing and law making. Lobbyless. Something that can only be influenced by a warm lap or a scratch behind the ear. Take for instance our little town of Talkeetna. Our very own mayor curled up with Bodhi last night at the bar. Yes, kids are welcome even infants. Our mayor is well liked and has been the mayor for 16 years.
    Google Talkeetna mayor for a profile. He has been through many scrapes and lately the towns people are trying to figure out how to replace our leader when his time is up. When the tourists are gone you will hear the talk at any bench or stools where more than one person sits.

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