A Doctor’s Diagnostic — And This is America?

AND THIS IS AMERICA? Bush, Bush, Koch-Koch, Gohmert, Broun, Stockman, Imhof, Cruz, Norquist, Palin, Ryan, Romney, Bachmann, Issa, Boehner, McConnell, uglier on the inside than out, just no looks out there to like: and is this America? Koch-Koch?

DOWN THE DUMPER TIME: schooling in America: is that the way it’s going to be for (it’s supposed to be) a public education? Supposed to be free? Supposed to be as good as a journey-person in an orchard, ready to advise, don’t plant a ten-dollar tree in a one-dollar hole; plant a one-dollar tree in a ten-dollar hole. To educate: to draw oneself out of (precisely) one’s self. Gohmert — it is like a unit of exchange, as in I’ll raise you two, no, three Gohmerts. And this, this is America. If only America had studied the classics! Schooling in America. Ah.

RELIGIONS (as they are called): Einstein was without a doubt the closest anyone ever came to knowing what an Old One would have to be, to be any decent sort of god at all, at least as good as Einstein ever was. Hawking in all of this? Let us ask Gohmert about it all. Yes, and we ever more come out, at the same door wherein we sometime went. Religions? One should weep, confronted by the beauty of a mountain, cry to feel the current of an ocean and wander in-mind through an imagined universe. Can a measly Pope top that? No, I’m not “religious” and I never was, but there is, after all, something holy about the sea.

A NUMBER OF PEOPLE have commented on the ways in which Mr. Cruz seems anxious to re-do Tail Gunner Joe; that sells the boy-senator short, I think. McCarthy was just a drunk bluff. Mr. Cruz’s ambitions are more schicklgruberian, as if he found himself in, not Washington, but Weimar. Mr. Cruz would be, not President, but Chancellor: for a real change.

“INFLUENCE IS NO GOVERNMENT.” Who first said those words?

WE SAY OF SOMEONE (or of something) that they are evil, but that is not the superlative term in what is really a brede of words open to declension: evil is one thing, after all, but to be recognized as actually wicked is something else: you have to be bright to be wicked, a power of mind informing actions all of which are as mad as cruel. The yo-yo who gets his rocks off torturing a humanity can be as stupid as ever being evil. A comment in this regard — Mr. Cruz is considerably more evil than wicked.

THE EVIL KOCH BROTHERS are not, finally, any more evil than Gohmert, lately of Texas. They are equal to two Gohmerts, priced at a double-gohmert’s worth, if the matter were a market. Those Kochs poison a world’s water making money made money. Still a chattering lunatic such as Mr. Gohmert takes time and trouble to present before a god and everybody a self which is every bit as evil as a Koch.

NOW, A WORD ABOUT TEXAS, a state I dearly love. As a Texan, Mr. Gohmert is a Texan like a pig staring at a wristwatch. I like a different kind of Texan: Hightower, Ely, Hancock, Gilmore, Allen, Maines, Dixie Chicks — Guy’s kind of people, Judge.

“INFLUENCE IS NO GOVERNMENT.” What was that supposed to mean. What does it mean. Whatever does it mean? Who said it.

EDUCATION: All schooling, pre-school through post-doctorate should be free, as Jefferson insisted. A democracy, that is to say, an educated electorate cannot, otherwise, subsist. Cost should be no object, but only think for a moment what stupendous sums have been encumbered for warring — think for a moment what trillions (plural) of dollars have been luxuriated on perpetual warring. How large a number is a million — how long would it take to spend a million dollars at a dollar per second? That would take about 11.574 days. To spend a billion dollars at a dollar per second, however, would take almost 32 years. And a trillion, just one trillion dollars at a dollar per second? That would take almost 32,000 years. America cannot afford to spend a trillion or two at a dollar a second on education? America cannot afford not to spend on education what it has spent and spends on war. The United States of America cannot afford not to make dead certain that no Mr. Gohmert ever even for a split second thinks about running for some office; and no Dr. Broun ever feels free to be stupid before, please, a political public.  Query: Dr. Broun, what do you suppose Bishop Ussher would have made of carbon-14 dating? More to the present point, Doctor, what do you make of carbon-14 dating?

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  1. carmelo panucci says:

    Hi Vincent. I think that there is something holy about the ocean as well. A poem I have committed to memory goes like this;
    Son of the earth
    Steep yourself into the sea of matter
    Bathe in its deepest waters and struggle in it’s violent currents
    For it is the source of your youthfulness and life
    And it is the ocean that will raise you up to God.
    -Teleradejardin- sp

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