I Accuse

DID WE MAKE HIM WELCOME: that is, isn’t it, the question. Does he have a background differing from the rest of some us? Damned straight he does. His skin color, in his history, served as slave. That means, doesn’t it, what it means, and which includes some us who have a different color of skin: everything that Mr. Obama is, and more, was supposed to elicit from some us a heartfelt welcome to all you are and come from — half African, half Caucasian — weren’t some us even mildly curious to see how this accomplished hybrid might turn out — as a President, say — weren’t we supposed to welcome some that which bid fair to put the house in-order, so to speak — even Rodney, as well as Martin Luther got it right: Cannot some we, at this time, get along?

Instead, what did some we do? One thing, we got to see Mr. McConnell prove he was more handsome on the outside; and some we are privileged to observe Mr. Gohmert’s mind, at-work; some we set the dogs loose as if it were all games, as well as fun; just don’t let it go more than one term, and that is how some we, as well as Goldman-Sachs, said hello to the man — some we didn’t, really, manage to extend President Barack Hussein Obama a courtesy that is (or was) supposed to be common.

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