I just got through ruminating a bit about courtesy — common or not — and I am instantly re-minded of generosity, because some we (who dare call ourselves Americans, and more… patriots) might have made infinitely-better use of what should be the best use of true diplomacy: generosity. Now, just have a look at Iran, just now: does no fucking body recognize what might best be done if you were John Kerry his boots on the ground, so to speak, and, say, it wasn’t a drag to see him, what might he do, if he had sense — barely — enough to pound sand down an effing rat-hole — if (if only) the Lanterned-Face One had noticed he had half a year to play with not being nasty and narrow and, incidentally, very cruel to women and children, being “nice”, for a change what would you do about those sanctions — ? why, you, the jawed and jawing one — you would observe that this is pounding, not bothering to knock, being for once nothing less than yet another word… opportunity: pull back all sanctions for the six-month period — treat the kiddoes and their mommies with foods and medicines. MORAL: Ford had his faculties when he started handing out a fiver every day. Here, Kerry wouldn’t have to once again try to buy respect; just don’t charge for being on someone else’s turf. Watch this space, for a change, Mr. Secretary. Offer to pull back all sanctions. Be a legend, be beloved. It may be habit-forming, but it’s good for you. Be generous.

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