IAGO, the Shakespearean critics pretty much agree, “lacks motive.” Why does Iago hate the Moor so much? Asked another way, how was it that Shakespeare’s own audience seems simply to have accepted the situation as it was offered, as indeed is still pretty much the case with audiences down to our own time. Isn’t the most obvious answer implicit in the image of a black ram tupping a white ewe — an image that needs no further motive, being so repellant? Picture Mr. McConnell as our own Iago imaging up a black man in the very whited house imaginable. Does one discern froth around this gopster mouth and that? Why, really, might Mr. Gohmert want to impeach a President?

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  1. cpanucci says:

    Hate, now being a more loaded word than in the past. More difficult to use the term with strict definition. Hate as it is, is an easy and cheap way to rally consensus. It’s warming makes one feel a part of the group together. Powerful. It can be a positive productive force when focused towards things like a leaky roof. Probably a fixture in humans for ever. A hardware built in. America rallied in support for the patriarch in Duck Dynasty after A and E took him off the show for religion based hate speech. Does hate speech fall under the umbrella of free speech?
    I can see that this type of speech comes out readily of a gopster mouth. It is too bad that our governments and politicians more often than not employ tactics that resemble our less desirable qualities of most individuals like fear, hate and small mindedness to name a few than the qualities that make us proud to be humans like our capacity for empathy. I believe this quality is what makes us human and is by far the most prevalent. We should insist that our politicians words and actions our governed by our higher qualities.

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