A GROUP OF ALTRUISTS will beat a society of selfish individualists every time, it is said. Start with the flat fact that the latter are suicidal. Altruists, on the contrary, have, precisely y nature, a reverence for life in all its forms. One is not unmindful that what has been said, so far, is general and cast in the plural. Very well, seeking to be, occamistically, singular and particular, image up, if you will, Eugene Victor Debs sitting down to tea with Bertrand Russell and Noam Chomsky and having their chat vetted by Richard Dawkins and Paul Farmer. Something on that order. Now say you came into an expensively-attended venue which promised to let you hear and look at Mr. Beck appreciating the very latest word of Ms. Bachmann and that of Mr. Gohmert audited by either Mr. Koch, or variously, Mr. Koch. Let the subject for both groupings by “Global Warming and the Florida Keys.”

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