11.5, 32, 32,000, … if the Kochs decided to spend a dollar a second, they would be dead before reaching a billion dollars. They don’t have that long to live, no matter how sweet a health plan they buy, and they like all of us will be dead a long long time, as dead as Franco, as dead as Ivy Lee, no matter how many solid gold toilets they could afford. And yet, they want more, and so they feel they must continue to buy more congressional creatures, if only because they are to be had for chump-change. Corruption has now for some time been corrupted and Koch principal need never be touched: interest accruing will much more than cover the going price for a whored democracy.

How about ten dollars a second then? Surely the Kochs can see their way clear and still be alive after having tied up one of their billions in just a little over three years. Ten dollars a second… how about $10 and 10¢ — an hour? As Hamlet might say, look at this picture and on that. What might the shade of Joe Hill sing? And when do the Indians dance?

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