NUMBERS YET AGAIN: For a million seconds to pass takes 11.5 days; for a billion 32 years; for a trillion 32,000 years. Let us express that in dollars, but call it $10.00 a second. Now it would take 3,200 years to pay back a trillion dollar note. At $100.00 a second it would still take 320 years to pay off a trillion dollar debt, and 32 years at $1000.00 per second. But one hears of four trillion or more than ten trillion being owed. Let us be conservative and say the United States of America owes somebody five trillion dollars. At $1000.00 per second, it would take 160 years to pay off. N.B.: the people who took on this debt for some us to pay off are the selfsame people who say it is outrageous to suggest paying $10.10 an hour to the help.

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