Robert’s Rules

The House of Representatives, one is informed, lives by its own rules. The HR is, however, formally subject to parliamentary procedure, as defined, say, in Robert’s Rules of Order. If found in some way to be contaminating that order, one is obliged to suspend business so that that taint can be recognized and righted so that business can once more go on. At present, the HR is ignoring clear and overwhelming evidence that the public the HR is supposed to represent desires deep and sweeping action where the accessibility of firearms is concerned. It is as if some species of procedural constipation were in place, blocking action. One is obliged, without requiring a second, to Rise to a Question of Privilege, to move that a present taint be recognized and righted by appropriate action. As a member, called a citizen, of the assembly called the United States of America, one is privileged (one is obliged) to so rise, and so move.

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