An Even More Modest Proposal

Are we mad, are we mad enough yet? Come, come, now; let (not quite yet, but) let us pray as we would at a grand wedding, let us sprinkle bullets from on high and so bless Sandy Hook: The Beatles got it, spot-on — happiness? Happiness is in verifact… a warm gun. Are we mad? Are we mad enough? Had enough? And this, this is America? Get by with a little help so bullets will chatter like rain from on high, bullets dancing in a reign of… of slugs. And still it is not enough, we are not mad enough, yet. There must be more dancing in a rain; Sandy Hook was not enough; not nearly enough: I see you are passionate, laddy-buck, but are you mad? Are you mad enough? Had enough? Are we in America Yet? And this, this is America?!

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