REMORA? BLENNY, ANYONE? Okay, take blenny first if you want to, &, blenny is said to be an unpleasant, a decidedly un-pleasant fish. Promises in a wheedling way to rid a tongue of parasites and nips off and, variously, away with a mini-gobbet of gill. Nice fish, you say? The hell you do — you like it blenny-style. Okay, then you get to graduate to the intermediate class of the more remora-kind: go ahead, lose your head, don’t use your head when, clearly, you don’t have to, it’s all made of jello, anyway, brain, that is, brain’s like jello, strictly, as un-noticed as un-needed… like that remora attachment, do you see it?

I see — you’d rather be one of them frisky Koch boys instead of just any old run of an Adelson. Interesting, perhaps, and, perhaps not, it depends. Blenny-remora, remora-blenny, chips are down, ladies, and you men, you gents: Show-Time for that oceanic feeling… closing-time in the gardens of the west.

Or not: Maybe the figure I use (fish symbolizing the foul ones whose heads stink first of all) is a wrong figure, maybe it’s like a sty of pigs. Perhaps. Senator Hogshead, Congressman Cufflink, snouting out remaining pockets of truffles, swilling.

Maybe it’s more like that, a grunting and a squealing at a trough. Take yr pick, Fellow-Yank, free country, y’know that? What is a metaphor, anyway? What is not a figure of speech? Got etymologies. ?. Might one suggest a word, or two, is in-order? Requiring a privileged motion. That there be some language under-fucking-stood. “Influence is no government.” Who said that?

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A COOL MILLION? As big as a Ritz? Is that big, yet? How about a hundred million — that start to be big-enough? Big-enough for what? Buy what? BUY who? Who? No kidding. Who!? I’ll be horn-swoggled. I’ll be goldurn’d. Somebody — gambling kind of a guy — put out how much? One hundred young American million sawbucks & shin-plasters & etc., bottom-line got tot’d & still lacks another nine hundred million to get you to where you had you a middle-aged billion buckies — uh — then you find out there’s 38 more at the home of the golden toilet — we’re talking some major fucking numbers here, folks, what can you buy for a hundred million, how much more with a billion and you still have, left-over, 38 billion stashed. Louie Gohmert’s happy, tell you what, playing what he thinks is Texas hold-em, clueless he ain’t the house, and meanwhile there’s those frisky Koch boyos of oily arroyos and they’re like the metastasizing of the steroidally-enhanced progression of the latest plutocracy, global-style. And? And I don’t mean maybe. All (or part, one can be modest — it is not actively discouraged, at least not yet) of which is to say: you may assume these people are (distinctly) not your friends. Proof? There’s only one, or two, of them, the rest? The rest are you — the rest is us, pal, don’t forget what you forgot: we ARE the bottom-line Americans. “Influence is no government.”

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GRANDFATHER KOCH: accused Eisenhower of being a communist dupe, but excused his son for showing Josip Djugashvili how to build and run an oil field and then fils came back to America and fathered two frisky boys, who currently pretty much have things by the short-hairs, all over. Maybe game’s over, maybe not —

THESIS: What is not sustainable is suicidal.

ARGUMENT: Charles and David Koch are old and shall have passed away. The great harm that they have done, and do, is due to worsen but that can have been of no satisfaction to the brothers — they will have succumbed to their age, and as my own father said more than once, when you’re dead you’re dead a long long time. What these brothers have done and do is not sustainable and is accordingly suicidal. One contemplates the imminent demise by suicide of Les Freres Koch with considerable equanimity, except that the way the whole Koch family has gone about things is killing me, as well; they have been startlingly publically murderously-engaged in a suicidal way right down the family-line; what they have been and do amounts to a continuous murder of reason and has made of them and makes of them and their like the most envenomedly plutocratically suicidal family in American and, indeed, global history, profoundly-abetted this time around by a country’s highest court having a go at defining the right to write that, which you just read.

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PERHAPS MR. GRAHAM cut class the day his law professor talked about the buggy-ride taken toward the Justice Building which found a student named Learned Hand getting off first and saying to O.W. Holmes, Jr., “Do justice, sir!”

“My job, sonny,” he was told by the Yankee from Olympus, “is not to do justice. My job is to apply the law.”

Mr. Graham, absent, would accordingly have missed the professor going on to speak of John Adams and Josiah Quincy, Jr., the Rochin case and Holmes himself in the Holt case.

Mr. Gohmert, on the contrary, might very well have attended that day, but the professor was speaking Chinese for all he made of it.

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974 MILLION DOLLARS: Think about it, reflect for a moment. The Koch brothers recently tied up 26 millions of their own dollars to buy influence as intimate, as murderous as a coal-choked river — how’s that for the most fabulous deal yet… The Kochs, in just one of their deals, barely nicked one of their fraternally-shared billions of dollars, like buffing out a little scratch in the paint-job, a real deal.

SORRY, I just can’t help it — they keep coming back on me — the numbers, the (precisely) sheer numbers get to one. The sheer numbers that have all been there from exactly the start. One keeps remembering numbers. The Keating 5, for instance. What did Keating pay out — some thousands, and bought himself 5 congressmen, no one of them getting as much as 30 thousands of dollars. What? Cranston got 26, Riegle got 20*. Even Glenn didn’t get more than 25 thousands. Barely tied up a young hundred thousand. Bought five at the auction, hardly a dent showing. Keating to Kochs — nice progression there, real nice. From numero uno, and, inexorably, on —

* Or, the other way around.

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BERGMAN SUGGESTS (vide Hour of the Wolf) that if only one might be convinced that there is a devil, a real one, then one would know pari passu that there is a God, and one could not but be happy, knowing that at very least the game was (so to speak) “straight-up.” That would have to be strictly entailed. Or would it? One might perhaps have a second look at that devil, call him the Antichrist (A.C., for short); hasn’t he (and he tends to be a he in all accounts), hasn’t he pretty much had the show to himself, so far, the real show, that is, the only one in this universe’s town, the one that either comes out, or (variously) it does not, and, how does it look, so far. More than merely  “serious”, more than very grim indeed, isn’t it bleak, damned (exactly) bleak, and didn’t just exactly a very real real devil do those things — and more and more of them as time went along — those that mean life cannot go on, like this — those things that are death.

And if there is a God in all of that, he (and he’s pretty much always got out as a he, too, East and especially West), and his nature (eternally, of course) is good, then it is as if he got to lay out great wonder and beauty only to have to watch it (in his contemplation) done to death over and over as the tiny particle that is human existence in this universe has gone on. If in fact there is some Great and Good Being, that Being exhibits remarkable restraint in not really ever having “pushed back” so-to-speak, no matter how tempting it might have been to halt evil in its tracks, for once, just to show forth for once One’s great good potency. The very real devil has never yet been startled, nor seems due to be.

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INFLUENCE IS NO GOVERNMENT.  Consider the Supreme Court in this regard. The Court would rule — has ruled — that a corporation is a person. Put into occamistic terms, how did that all come about? An Amendment to the United States Constitution was proposed and then passed which held that Blacks are human. A headnote was written for this Amendment to give it some sort of title. This headnote was written up simply that the Amendment could be filed in some retrievable fashion, and as such had in and of itself no force of law. This headnote was then picked up and used in order to rule that an entity called a corporation is, and is to be considered at-law an individual person and therefore to be accorded all rights and privileges that go with being a citizen, including freedom of speech, to be interpreted to mean that the Supreme Court of the United States of America must consider one single Black man or woman, possibly innocent, sentenced to be executed in the state of Texas to be of equal weight according to law with what a raft of Walmart attorneys pleading First Amendment rights might as a single person submit to be considered. Consider the logic here: because a Black is human, therefore, please, Goldman Sachs is a single citizen, due all rights of a citizen. This is all of it mad on (exactly) the face of it, but it is what is held by the present United States Supreme Court, and so corporations may seek to influence government by openly (as well as in non-divulged ways) buying senators and representatives — if not the country’s executive office – as if they were all of them a bevy of whores.

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INFLUENCE IS NO GOVERNMENT: who first (and last) said that, and what did he, or she, mean by it? It would presuppose that a politician was a bonded practicing professional of some one kind, someone who might, it was assumed, be depended-upon to act honestly and in good faith, according to the way in which they were licensed, without ever fearing the possibility of influence. The ultimate paradigm of any profession that is truly that, would be the atmosphere of the surgery, where it is expected that one is not free to break in on operations. Similarly, it is to be assumed that when engaged formally in any activity of the highest seriousness, interruption of any kind amounts to contamination. To be bonded, to be licensed in some way means one has as an individual, as a group, been entrusted to carry on according to good-faith application of rules and regulations previously agreed-upon pertaining to one’s profession, which one is sworn to observe, and, to say it once again, it would be contamination, to say the least, to break in on even an ordinary appendectomy, in order to advise how one thinks the whole thing ought to go. What is strictly implied by the notion of governance is just another example of what is supposed to go along with practicing as that sort of a professional that is called a politician. You are supposed to know what it is that you are supposed to be doing in some competent way, and, further, it is to be supposed that you shall not prostitute your practice.

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WIGS AND “REAL” NAMES: The person writing what follows signs off as Dr. Guy Standard which is not a name I was born with. I wish understood what I have, always, understood, that if one purports to address some public, that way of speaking has to be formal, and, further, never so formal as when purporting to appear friend-to-the-court. One is, at those time, supposed to be expressing one’s sense-of–the-meeting on-going, just then, and perhaps compelled to make a motion, which, being privileged, requires no second. It is, simply, assumed that one is aware of sensibilities other than one’s own, which nonetheless one works to be speaking through. there is the best of reasons why robes are worn to court, and wigs, and one might be excused for taking another name, as if it were a title recognizing one’s existence. Holmes himself (a self not terribly attractive_ admitted as he admonished Learned Hand that it was not his job to “do justice” — it was, rather, to apply the law.

There is a very real sense, then, in which a judge sitting to a case, or a lawyer arguing before that judge “are not themselves,” but are instead, or purport to be something more inclusive, whether it includes their private self, or not. One need only remember that when Madison, Jay, and Hamilton wrote The Federalist Papers they signed themselves “Publius,” that is, an abstraction requiring them to put aside self and speak to a generally defensible notion of governance which would take into the account, ultimately, all that conditioned and informed all that was best about the 18th century’s British and American political sensibility: “Publius.”

We get to see that best come through in the once-famous Letter of Josiah Quincy to his father; we see it in the ruling of Judge Jesse Carter in the Rochin case, and that best could come through only as some self was set aside.

In compressed fashion that purports to inform the abstraction that is here called Dr. Guy Standard and which would lead the abstraction to ask of Mr. Gohmert that he go to his copy of Black’s Law Dictionary and give us his understanding of the term laches, and which would lead Dr. Standard to ask courteously of Ms. Bachmann that she go to her Robert or Sturgis and tell us all what it means to Rise to a Question of Privilege that one might make a motion requiring no second, namely, that as good order has been tainted, it must be set aright again. As Mr. Clay asked, at a memorable tipping-point: “What’s my name?”

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“INFLUENCE IS NO GOVERNMENT.” ALEC can boast that not so much as a comma is changed in legislation it writes up for Congress to pass. Understand, there is nothing symbiotic about ALEC, not accidentally, certainly not incidentally. ALEC is wholly parasitical, therefore suicidal. In short, what goes by that name is ruining everything for everyone: suicide by murder, murder by suicide. What goes by the name of ALEC, or by a Koch and a Koch, by Bradley and Coors and DeVos and a TPP,  devours what rightly belongs to our kind as we are animals and animate. These boys are truly fucking up the Old Place and… speeding up.

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